TOYO Die Casting Machines Ds Series

TOYO Die Casting Machines Ds Series
Electric servo control system delivers environment-friendly, energy saving, high-cycle and high stability operation!

Compared to hydraulic machines

▲ Reduces electricity consumption by 70%
▲ Reduces dry cycle time by more than 35%
▲ 1/10th of hydraulic oil is reduced
▲ Cooling water unnecessary
▲ Reduces carbon footprint by 75%

Electric servo injection mechanism

▲ Low speed injection repeatability 0.001m/s
▲ Pressure intensification in multiple stages
▲ Pressure intensification ratio can be freely adjusted

Control system "SYSTEM 500" greatly improves operability

▲ Built-in 12inch monitor display
▲ All screens can be called from the menu screen
▲ I/O checking screen
▲ Kanji character input keyboard
▲ USB memory expands the range of data applications